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Office: +91-435-2421386
Director: +91-435-2420661
Joint Director: +91-435-2421774
Fax: Office: +91-435-2421386
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Kumbakonam Multipurpose Social Service Society
P.B. No. 3
Kumbakonam 612001 INDIA

கும்பகோணம் பல்நோக்கு சமூகப்பணி மையம்
த.பெ. எண். 3
கும்பகோணம் 612001 இந்தியா

How to find us in Kumbakonam
On the Kamaraj Road stretched between Mahamaham Tank and Railway Station. Opposite to St. Joseph Girls Higher Secondary School  walk on the left through St. Mary Cathedral Campus. Our office is adjacent to the Cathedral.