• New Thrust
ï  To find excluded communities in Action for Social Transformation. 

  • Women SHGs – Self Help Groups
ï  To find change in women’s socio – economic, political and cultural status and empower them through self help process of development.

  • Sustainable Agriculture among Dry- Land Farmers
ï  To enhance stable and adequate production levels through natural farming practices, sustainable means, monitoring, managerial skills, water irrigation, recycling farm nutrients and organic contents.

  • Community Based Rehabilitation for Disabled
ï  To establish equality and rights like others for the disabled persons in the community.

  • Empowering People for Social Action
ï  With people’s participation, plan, implement and evaluate programmes on livelihood opportunities and skills training, sensitize health nutrition, sanitation, HIV/AIDs, and organic farming.
  • Kolping India
ï  To strengthen and revive the spiritual fervour among the Christian Community and to improve and facilitate their economic self sufficiency.

  • Sustainable Livelihood of Dalits.
ï  Prevent migration, find alternative sustainable means of livelihood, conscientize rights and privileges of dalits and sensitize to sanitation, alcoholism, HIV/AIDs.

  • Cow Project / Milch Animal.
ï  To improve the economic standard of target people, through assistance with Milch Animals rearing.

  • Educational Scholarship SC/ST & BC
ï  Extend support to students of oppressed communities and BC students of College and Technical courses to meet their educational expenses.

  • Jana Shree Bima Yojana
ï  It aims to mitigate the risk factors faced by the people below poverty line.

  • Micro Credit (Sangamam)
ï  Sangamam is the functional union level structure for the purpose of Micro Finance, credit and thrift in a decentralized way.

  • Remi Computer Centre:-
ï  Trains youth, school and dropout children and women of SHGs.